Flagstaff County

Locations in Flagstaff County include:

  • Alliance
  • Daysland
  • Forestburg
  • Galahad
  • Hardisty
  • Heisler
  • Killam
  • Lougheed
  • Sedgewick
  • Strome

Services in this region include:

McMan Central Alberta

McMan Central Alberta provides support for kids and adults in Flagstaff County.

Since opening its first program in 1975 McMan Youth, Family and Community Services Association set out to be different. While operating its first group home, McMan’s founders provided care in the context of supportive and understanding relationships.

The McMan FASD Outreach program is designed to provide education, information, support, resources, mentoring services, coaching and advocacy to anyone living with or impacted by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). This program can help clients get the support they need when a diagnosis is suspected or certain. Clients may be self-directed into this program, or referred by a community source or the local Child and Family Services.

Please call (780) 608 6676 to get in contact with McMan Central Alberta.

Camrose Pediatric Specialty Clinic

The Camrose Pediatric Specialty Clinic offers a clinical assessment and diagnostic service, delivered by a multidisciplinary team to children who present with a combination of developmental, behavioural, sensory, physical and/or learning problems. The multidisciplinary team consists of: Occupational Therapist, Physician, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Licensed Practical Nurse, Social Worker and Speech Language Pathologist.The multidisciplinary team will assess, diagnose and identify a child and family’s strengths. Recommendations include strategies for managing specific deficits, while also focusing  on strengths. Follow-up will be provided by the Clinic Social Worker and/or Physician.

The Pediatric Specialty Clinic requires a physician referral. Children can be identified by school, parents or other supports. The clinic serves children 3-18 years who have a range of disabilities in multiple areas of function. Please click here to download the Physician Referral Form.

For more information contact your physician or the Specialty Clinic Coordinator; Lorraine McPhee at (780) 608 8611.

Prairie Central FASD Clinical Services

Assessment/diagnostic services can include medical, cognitive, behavior, communication and adaptive functioning assessments completed by a multidisciplinary team which meet Canadian Clinical Guidelines for diagnosis. If you live within the service area of the Prairie Central FASD Association the cost for the FASD assessment is covered by the association. We currently have two clinics that are accepting referrals for adult assessment and diagnosis. Please click on the link to fill out the referral package.

For more information about Adult Assessment & Diagnosis contact:

Prairie Central FASD Clinical Services
Amanda Lindholm
Clinic Coordinator
Phone: 1-587-386-0186
Fax: 1-587-386-0039

Supportive Coaching/Consultations/Education

Provide guided advice, intervention support, and on-going clinical support that is meaningful and valuable to families and the agencies that support the client and their families. This support gives participants an increased understanding of the unique needs of the person with FASD and creates a shared understanding of the client among family members and support workers, school, and any others that may be involved in supporting the client. Public education learning sessions are also provided on a monthly basis.

This service is accessible by all families, agencies, and school divisions within the catchment area. Contact Jen Willes at 587-386-0186 Ext.1  or j.willes@prairiecentralfasd.ca to book a consult.