The prevention of FASD is done mainly through the Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP). The Camrose Association for Community Living, the Midwest Family Connections in Lloydminster and the Montana First Nation facilitate this program. PCAP is a home visitation intervention program that works with women who abuse alcohol or drugs during pregnancy. PCAP supports mothers in the prevention of future alcohol and drug exposed births.

The main focus of the program is to assist women obtaining treatment, maintaining recovery, and resolving the complex problems associated with their substance abuses now. They ensure that children are in a safe environment and are receiving appropriate health care and effectively link families with community resources. They practice successful strategies for working with this population to prevent the risk of future drug and alcohol affected children by committing to working with mothers and their families for three years; beginning during pregnancy or 6 months postpartum. They also work with women who have a child diagnosed FASD and are still in their child bearing years and are currently using drugs or alcohol. Case managers offer regular home visits and link women and their families with comprehensive community resources to address needs in all areas of a woman’s life and to help women identify personal goals and the steps necessary to achieving those goals.

For PCAP services in Camrose, Tofield, Killam, Wainwright, Provost and their larger areas contact Stacey Olstad at 780-672-0257 or for more information.

For PCAP services in Lloydminster and it’s greater area contact Midwest Family Connections at 306-825-5911 or 1-866-651-5911 for more information.

For PCAP services for the residents of Montana First Nation please call 780-585-3744.


For more information about FASD Prevention and other training please contact Jen Willes at 587-386-0186 ext.1