The Camrose Pediatric Specialty Clinic offers a clinical assessment and diagnostic service, delivered by a multidisciplinary team to children who present with a combination of developmental, behavioural, sensory, physical and/or learning problems. The multidisciplinary team consists of: Occupational Therapist, Physician, Physical Therapist, Psychologist, Licensed Practical Nurse, Social Worker and Speech Language Pathologist.

The multidisciplinary team will assess, diagnose and identify a child and family’s strengths. Recommendations include strategies for managing specific deficits, while also focusing on strengths. Follow-up will be provided by the Clinic Social Worker and/or Physician.

The Pediatric Specialty Clinic requires a physician referral. Children can be identified by school, parents or other supports. The clinic serves children 3-18 years who have a range of disabilities in multiple areas of function. Please click here to download the Physician Referral Form.

For more information contact your physician or the Specialty Clinic Coordinator, Lorraine McPhee at 780-608-8611.